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AWS Storage Gateway Service Describe Tape Recovery Points

Returns a list of virtual tape recovery points that are available for the specified gateway-VTL

AWS Storage Gateway Service List Volume Recovery Points

Lists the recovery points for a specified gateway

AWS Storage Gateway Service Retrieve Tape Recovery Point

Retrieves the recovery point for the specified virtual tape

Azure Recovery Services Vaults List By Subscription Id

Fetches all the resources of the specified type in the subscription

Azure Recovery Services Operations List

Returns the list of available operations

Azure Recovery Services Backup Vault Configs Update

Updates vault config model type

Azure Recovery Services Backup Storage Configs Get

Fetches resource storage config

Azure Recovery Services Vault Certificates Create

Upload a certificate for a resource

Azure Recovery Services Vaults Get

Get the Vault details

Azure Recovery Services Vaults Create Or Update

Creates or updates a Recovery Services vault

Azure Recovery Services Registered Identities Delete

Unregisters the given container from your Recovery Services vault

Azure Recovery Services Replication Usages List

Fetches the replication usages of the vault

Azure Recovery Services Usages List By Vaults

Fetches the usages of the vault

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